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A Guideline – Positive Administrative Silence (Fiktif Positif) in Indonesia

February 28, 2018

We may have experienced the circumstance when a Government Authority withholds or does not issue our license for no reason, while we have no clue what the reason might be or what to do about it. Do you know that Indonesia law actually already tries to solve this issue by elaborating the principle of Positive Administrative Silence (or in Indonesian fiktif positif)? Any idea if the Supreme Court actually has given a guideline on the Positive Administrative Silence, which might help you to solve the problem?

It is our privilege to provide you with a resolution to the problem by giving you a hint on the Positive Administrative Silence and its implementation. HPRP lawyers from Litigation practice group, Sartono (Partner), Linna Simamora (Partner), Leonardo Richo Sidabutar (Associate), and Gozha Primanda (Associate), have prepared an article discussing this subject. Please check the article here.

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