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HPRP and Lawble Sign Partnership to Offer More Creative Legal Solutions

November 21, 2017

Hanafiah Ponggawa & Partners (HPRP), an Indonesia law firm engaged in transnational transactions, signed a Partnership Agreement with Lawble, a technology company that provides a smart legal tool to better understand the law, in Jakarta (15/11).

As part of the agreement, HPRP will use web application “” to enhance its lawyers’ legal research and enrich their better understanding of laws and regulations. Further, members and lawyers of HPRP will offer contributions by sharing their expertise to support the development of Lawble.

Commenting on the partnership, Andre Rahadian, Partner and Founding Member of HPRP, said, “We at HPRP understand that needs for legal services are developing fast. Committed to providing the best services, we are always looking for ways to meet ever-changing needs.” He went on, “Entering the digital era, employing technology based tools to support our activities is a must to respond to the challenge and competition. This partnership with Lawble, a regulation technology (regtech) company, is a step forward to offer clients with strategic and more creative advisory assistance.”

Lawble provides a smart application which digitizes legal products, supported by various smart features. Lawble offers access to all easy-to-understand legal products (search tools), read features that can turn information into knowledge (reading tool), and useful work features for people who often use legal products to work independently (working tool) or with other users (collaboration tool).