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HPRP Holds a Discussion on the Latest Developments in Regulations in the Power Sector in Indonesia, and their Anticipated Impact

April 9, 2018

The field of generating electrical power is a strictly regulated sector in Indonesia. Recently, the government of Indonesia, through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) issued several new regulations which are expected to bring about an efficient, equitable and transparent electricity business.

Understanding that the private sector plays significant roles in supporting the growth and reliability of the Indonesian electrical power sector, the situation raises questions: have those regulations facilitated the role of the private sector?

Featuring an HPRP Partner who has extensive expertise in the power sector, Hendra Ong, and Senior Associate, Hapsari Arumdati, HPRP invited business people in the power sector to discuss the latest developments in regulations in the power sector in Indonesia, and their anticipated impact. Partner and one of the founders of HPRP, Andre Rahadian, delivered welcoming remarks in the event. Held in Jakarta (5/4), the discussion aimed at understanding the current condition of the electrical power industry in Indonesia and exploring future opportunities and challenges.

Led by Hendra Ong, a Partner who has long experience in the power sector, the HPRP power team has assisted companies related to power sector in various legal aspects. For further information regarding the services, please contact the Partner-in-charge by phone +62 21 570 1837 or email