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HPRP is the PPAKH Grand Champion for the 5th Consecutive Year

September 28, 2015

For the fifth consecutive year, HPRP has again become the Grand Champion of Pertandingan Persahabatan Antar Konsultan Hukum (PPAKH), a friendly sports championship among law firms in Jakarta. The announcement was revealed at the closing ceremony in Gelanggang Mahasiswa Soemantri Brodjonegoro, Kuningan, Jakarta (20/9).

Al Hakim Hanafiah, a Partner in HPRP said, “On behalf of the partners of HPRP we thank all HPRP members for their dedication and hard work. These thanks go to all the members of HPRP, all the partners, associates, supporting staff, office boys and drivers who tirelessly supported us in all of the events over the past two months. That’s the spirit that we, HPRP, wants to ingrain in all of us, the spirit of cooperation and togetherness which has made our firm strong. One for all and all for one.”

On a separate occasion, Andre Rahadian, another Partner in HPRP added, “Besides dedication, practice, and hard work, our team exercised strategies to win the games. We focussed on the sections where we know we have a better chance of winning. This is what we also apply in our work. Working hard is not enough, we use a strategy to get the maximum result in all the work that we do.”

In PPAKH XXI 2015, HPRP won 3 gold medals for the women’s futsal (indoor football), male football, and relay race competitions, and 3 silver and 3 bronze medals for the basket ball, bowling, tug of war, tennis, volley ball and male futsal competitions.

Congratulations to all HPRP members!

Congratulation HPRP!
Female futsal team


Relay race team
Football team