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HPRP Partner Erwin Kurnia Winenda Quoted in China Business Law Journal

June 9, 2017

HPRP Partner, Erwin Kurnia Winenda was quoted in an article in a China-focused legal publication, China Business Law Journal article titled “Fintech Revolution”, the first part of a special series on technology. The article was first published in the China Business Law Journal, May 2017 issue.

In the article, Erwin said that there will always be a gap between technological and economic developments and regulatory developments. To support the financial related technology development, he suggested the industry should not be highly regulated, and that government needs to take a clear stance. Then, as long as consumer protection can be guaranteed by companies, any new development of fintech practices only needs to be notified or registered to the authority in its early stages.

China Business Law Journal is a fully-bilingual (English and simplified Chinese) monthly magazine for China-focused business and legal practitioners. The publication provides in-depth analysis of the legal, financial and regulatory challenges that make or break deals in China’s complex and fast-changing business environment.

HPRP has experience in providing legal advice for the financial technology sector.  The firm has been assisting clients from the industry, among others, major venture capital companies who seek to implement their investments in technology companies in Indonesia, and the establishment of potential Fintech companies. To promote financial inclusivity, HPRP is committed to enhancing Fintech development in Indonesia by providing legal solutions to the stakeholders and understanding not only of legal but also commercial problems in the industry.

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