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News: Philippines is free from EU Ban. When will Indonesia be?

September 10, 2015

Airmagz, August 2015

This year, the European Union has given Philippines a significant aviation safety upgrade, whereby all local operators operating in the Philippines are no longer listed in the European Union Ban (EU Ban).

Andre Rahadian, a Partner in HPRP, in his capacity as the Chairman of the Indonesian Air Law Society, was interviewed by Airmagz, an Indonesian aviation magazine, about the EU ban on Indonesia’s airlines. In the interview, Andre explained that in 2009 the Directorate General of Air Transport (DGAT) of Indonesia first applied for Garuda Indonesia, Airfast Indonesia, Mandala Airlines, and Ekspres Transport Antarbenua (Premiair) to be removed from the ban. After verification and revaluation, the EU lifted the ban on those four airlines. In 2010, DGAT applied for other airlines, Indonesia Air Asia, Metro Batavia and Lion Air, to be removed. However, only Indonesia Air Asia and Metro Batavia passed the assessment.

According to Andre, to overcome the problem of the ban requires the participation of various parties, both from the government, in this case represented by the civil aviation authority, i.e., DGAT as the supervisory body, and the Indonesian airlines themselves as operators and air freight transportation service providers.

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