Practice Areas

Resources & Infrastructure

Partner Al Hakim Hanafiah
Partner Andre Rahadian
Partner Fabian Buddy Pascoal
Partner Sartono
Partner Chadri Jurnalis
Partner Giovanni Mofsol Muhammad
Partner Danny B. Sinaga
Partner Hendra Ong

HPRP has longstanding and extensive experience and has also developed integrated legal strategies for encouraging the development of almost all aspects of the resources and infrastructure related sectors throughout Indonesia. We have the excellent combination of past experience and present knowledge to help our clients implement proven strategies that have been adjusted to fit the current legal trends.

Our Firm can assist in various stages of businesses in Indonesia, which includes rendering preliminary advice to clients with no experience in investing or doing business in those sectors; establishing foreign investment companies and/or joint ventures in those sectors; obtaining licenses and fulfilling registration requirements for clients establishing businesses in those sectors such as regional autonomy aspects, environmental aspects, and other aspects surrounding the business; and advice on tax and employment related issues as well as dispute settlement in relation to those sectors.

As a full service law firm equipped with our knowledge and expertise of the community and the country, prevailing laws and regulations, governmental system, and current practices in the field, HPRP has expanded this practice group to cope with the potential increase of workload in the below-mentioned areas of practice.